Cordell & Cordell Men's Divorce Podcast

Cordell & Cordell Men's Divorce Podcast

Men's Divorce

The Cordell & Cordell Men’s Divorce Podcast offers a combination of news, tips and views on topics and situations relevant to guys going through divorce. Each episode will center around a particular theme, giving a plethora of information on various aspects of that month’s subject matter. The end result is a half-hour of educational talk and interviews from experts in divorce-related fields that will help you better understand the complexities of family law and the plights many men face when going through a divorce.

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Cordell & Cordell Lead Litigator Will Halaz joins CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout for a discussion regarding the initial steps men need to take when they are considering divorce. The early days of the divorce process are often clouded with uncertainty, but the decisions you make during this stage can set the stage for the rest […]

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