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Stoic Solutions Podcast

Justin Vacula

I'm creating podcast episodes offering practical wisdom for everyday life -- solutions to modern human concerns -- informed by the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism popularized by thinkers including Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Improve your quality of life by implementing a strong mental framework informed by Stoic Philosophy! I explore topics such as gratitude; acceptance; overcoming adversity; finding meaning in life; moderation; dealing with change; friendship; loneliness; and anger. -- Justin Vacula -- host of the Stoic Solutions Podcast -- serves as an counselor-in-training intern in a school-based behavioral health program while studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marywood University in Scranton, PA; hosts monthly meetings for the Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) Freethought Society; and plays poker at various casinos in the Eastern United States. Vacula received bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, a minor in Professional Writing, and the distinguished W.A. Kilburn Memorial Award for Philosophy from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania where he worked as a peer tutor at the campus's writing center. He has also worked with the Arc of Luzerne County's Transition to Community Employment program as a teacher's assistant and job coach alongside adult learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has appeared on and hosted various radio shows and podcasts; participated in formal debates and discussions; was a guest speaker for college-level courses; was featured in local, national, and international news; has been invited to speak at various national, local, and statewide events; engaged in a good deal of activism surrounding separation of church and state; and has hosted monthly Stoic Philosophy discussion groups for the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia. Justin regularly exercises; maintains a mostly vegan diet; enjoys metal music; listens to several podcasts; volunteers as a member of the website and media team for the Greyhawk Reborn Dungeons & Dragons campaign; and plays D&D at events throughout the Eastern United States.

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You're listening to the Stoic Solutions Podcast - practical wisdom for everyday life. I'm your host, Justin Vacula with episode 88 Discussion with Caleb Ontiveros. We talk about parallels between games and life; mindfulness meditation; frugality; and much more. Caleb is the creator of the app Stoa which blends mindfulness mediatation and Stoic Philosophy – available now for iPhone and Android devices. Learn more at Enjoy our discussion! Visit my website at where you can email me; connect with me on social media; find past episodes; and join my Discord chat server for interactive discussion. Support my work through Patreon, Paypal, the Cash App, and referral links by visiting the donate tab on my website. -- Support my work through Patreon, the Cash App, and Paypal and use referral links Find Justin Vacula online and listen to past content: Main website: SoundCloud: iTunes: YouTube: Stitcher: Google Play: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Engage at home or on-the-go with podcast listeners and people interested in Stoicism & Philosophy in my new interactive easy-to-use Discord chat channel: Podcast music, used with permission, is from Fairyland's album 'Score to a New Beginning.' View their Facebook page here: John Bartmann offered free consultation and audio edits for episodes 51-63. Resources:

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