Stoic Stress

Stoic Stress

Matt Schmidt

Stress affects us in many aspects of our lives. Stoic stress explores how to practice stress management through Stoicism

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With Enchiridion 7 we look at how we conduct ourselves in life. We have to maintain attention to what is important. Have a life that is thoughtful and with purpose.

We can die at any time. Are we prepared for this? Do people make preparations or do the leave what is called unfinished business?

Many don’t want to think about this but it is a reality. We can look at death with tranquility. This reminds me of an exercise about writing your own obituary from school. But what about writing a Life Mission Statement.

Most all major corporations and small businesses have a mission statement. Why? Because it hones in on the purposes and goals of the company. A mission statement gives people a clear and unarguable guide to what the company aims to achieve.

A ‘Life Mission Statement’ statement can do the same for you, which is your personal life’s mission and the kind of statement we are talking about here.

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