The Flat Earth Podcast

The Flat Earth Podcast

Curious J & DITRH

The Flat Earth Podcast is the #1 award winning podcast discussing all things related to the flat stationary earth. Hosted by Dave, Matt & Curious J. Visit us on FB/Twitter and online at

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The Globe model is completely dead. NASA is busted. Flat earth is reality. [The Health Ranger Report] DISCLOSURE is coming... via @PodcastAddict Music Roundabout from the UAP Channel ' The Space Shuttle Blimp HEX Podcast needs some FE love The Flat Earth Friend Finder. Sign up, it’s free! Matts Antarctica series DITRH Info Wars, SGT and Tin Foil Hat interviews.

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  • 45 - 143 - The Globe Earth Movement is Dead. 
    Tue, 22 Oct 2019
  • 44 - 142 - The end of summer is "Not Vegan Friendly" 
    Sat, 14 Sep 2019
  • 43 - 141 - Matt's Equatorial Bulge 
    Thu, 08 Aug 2019
  • 42 - 140 - Baller Dave hates Flattards. 
    Thu, 25 Jul 2019
  • 40 - 139 - All Hail Mark Sargent! 
    Wed, 29 May 2019
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