Abdur Rasheed As-Sufi

Abdur Rasheed As-Sufi

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Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi is a Somali Qur’an reciter. He was born in 1964 to the reciter and preacher Ali Abdul Rahmane Sufi, who did a lot for the Qur’an recitation in Somalia. Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi’s father has also taught numerous theologians. He built many schools and institutes for teaching and learning the Holy Qur’an. He founded the famous mosque of Mogadishu he called Al-Sheikh Ali Sufi Mosque. Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi first learnt the Qur’an at the mosque and finished memorizing it at the age of ten. He certainly owed to his father many of his skills. He taught him different recitations and the interpretations of the Qur’an and the Fiqh. Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi went to Egypt in 1981 where he enrolled in the Qur’an Recitations institute and earned a high certificate in the ten recitations. In parallel, Abdul Rashid carried out studies in Al Azhar Mosque and was awarded by the late Sheikh Mohamed Ibn Ismail Al Hamdani two degrees in the ten recitations. Back to Somalia, Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi started teaching and led prayers in his father’s mosque. He then toured many Arab countries to teach the Qur’an’s sciences. He taught in Egypt, Qatar where he was nominated imam and preacher of the Anas Ibn Malik’s Mosque in Doha.

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