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AWS Bites is the weekly show where we answer questions about AWS in about five minutes. This show is brought to you be Eoin Shanaghy and Luciano Mammino, certified AWS experts.

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Migrating monoliths to the cloud can be a scary, expensive and time consuming and time consuming activity. Many companies try to avoid it even if it could be beneficial for them, just because they think it would require too much work and be too risky. But there are interesting compromises and incremental approaches that can be used to simplify and de-risk this kind of migration. The idea is that you don’t necessarily have to dramatically re-engineer your application to move it to the cloud (and start to take advantage of it).

In this episode, based on an InfoQ article that we recently published, we discuss a fictional use case where a company with a monolithic application managed to move to the cloud with a minimum amount of change. The move to the cloud has brought more scalability and resilience for the company to move forward and expand. But it also brings new challenges and opportunities. We will discuss all of this in more detail and by the end of this episode you should have a checklist for migrating monoliths to the cloud with minimal effort.

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

- InfoQ article “A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud”:

- Our previous episode about other cloud migration strategies:

- Our previous episode about the difference between CloudFormation and Terraform for infrastructure as code:

- Our previous episode about the pros and cons of CDK for infrastructure as code:

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