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Get inspired and into action with Lynsay Anne, founder of Courageous Podcasters and the Courageous Podcaster's Club. During her 20+ year coaching career Lynsay has found the one thing that stops people from taking action isn't money, time or know how. Its fear! This podcast is for entrepreneurs and 'wannabe' entrepreneurs who want to move past their fear and take action so they can finally live the life and build the business they've always wanted. Join Lynsay Anne each week for inspiring interviews from incredible men and women who've faced challenges in their lives and businesses, take action and come through the other side to tell their story, as well as solo episodes with Lynsay's own brand of Northern straight talking, guiding you through the roller coaster that is entrepreneurship. After listening to Lynsay Anne you can't help but feel inspired to take action! Lynsay works with entrepreneurs from all over the world to help them move past their fear and start and grow profitable podcasts that help them to build their businesses.

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In this week’s episode I’m talking to the fabulous Philiy Page, Founder of Creative Women International. We talk about How using her own network helped her to move away from a job she was unsatisfied into one that lead her to the work she does today. She worked in Feature Films with actors like Carey Mulligan and Michael Sheen, working her way up to Production Manager.

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