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Digital Learning Radio

Digital Learning Radio

Digital Learning Radio is a podcast dedicated to exploring ways to use technology to empower learning within a classroom, campus, or district. Each week, our conversations center around living, learning, and leading with technology. The hosts are members of the Region 10 Education Service Center’s Digital Learning Team, and we frequently interview educators and other guests from around the country. Whether you’re looking for resources, favorite tech tips and tools, or want to hear ways technology can help us learn, connect, and grow, this podcast is for all educators looking for ways to leverage technology in order to thrive in a digital world.

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In this season Kathryn and Laura are inspired to learn and inspired to share. Each week they discuss the ongoing story of their learning as they engage in reflective practice to connect their ideas and continuously grow. This week’s inspiration is shared by Kathryn as she discusses the new Learning Forward standards.


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