Beatlejuice: Extra Squeeze

Beatlejuice: Extra Squeeze

Union JACK Radio

A companion piece to the Beatlejuice radio show, each programme is dissected by Geoff and his wife (comedian Sara Barron), who has to live with his Beatles obsession 24/7. Sorry, eight days a week.

Also featuring extended Beatlejuice Fan Club conversations, and your questions answered in Any Other Beatle Business.

Beatlejuice: Extra Squeeze is produced by Union JACK Radio - the home of Great British Comedy! Fiddle your knob and find Union JACK Radio, Union JACK Rock and Union JACK Dance on national DAB digital radio, on the app, on your PC or on that nice Alexa.


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Hello, Goodbye! In this final episode: Favourite bands and the Magical Mystery Tour striptease scene Beatles' family members on social media  Why this podcast probably won't ever come back Will Friar Park open days ever happen? Paul 'sleeping raw'/parental nudity Not everybody's talking 'bout bagism Apple Corps v Apple Inc. - The legal feud that gave us Guy Goma See for privacy information.

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