How Haunted? Podcast | Horrible Histories, Real Life Ghost Stories, and Paranormal Investigations from Some of the Most Haunt

How Haunted? Podcast | Horrible Histories, Real Life Ghost Stories, and Paranormal Investigations from Some of the Most Haunt

Rob Kirkup

Listen to the How Haunted? Podcast, and allow author, ghost hunter, and paranormal historian Rob Kirkup to be your guide. Each episode sees us explore one of the most haunted places across the UK, as well as the occasional trip to some of the scariest places on Planet Earth. We will look in depth at the, often dark and troubled, history of each location, and the chilling ghost stories. There will also be special follow-up episodes where Rob conducts paranormal investigations at some of these terrifying places, as well as BIG Halloween Spook-taculars. Join me, as each episode we ask the question, How Haunted? WARNING: Listener discretion is advised as each episode will gruesome tales, horrific happenings, bloody murder, and ghosts. So many ghosts. Dare you download? For an optimal listening experience, listening through headphones, while clutching a torch hiding under your blankets on a dark, stormy night is recommended. Make sure you’re not in the dark by visiting

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This time you join me on location in the wild, remote, Northumberland countryside, and we’re on a monster hunt as I search for an eight-foot-tall creature covered in thick hair, with glowing eyes, who causes the ground to shake whenever it is present. In early 2002 the nation's imagination was captured by the notion that this country park could be home to a bigfoot-type creature. Of course the area has a ghost, in the shape of the Bonny Lass of Belsay, and I will tell you of some of the other terrifying creatures that are said to lurk within England's most northern county. Let's ask together, just how haunted is Bolam Lake Country Park? If you'd like to sponsor me to walk 28 miles in one day at the end of July to help Cancer Research UK you can do so at  Support How Haunted? by subscribing and leaving a review. You can become a Patreon for as little as £1 a month. You can choose from three tiers and get yourself early access to episodes, and exclusive monthly episodes where Rob will conduct ghost hunts and you'll hear the audio from the night. You can even get yourself some exclusive How Haunted? merch. To sign up visit Perhaps you'd rather buy me a coffee to make a one off donation to support the pod, you can do that at Find out more about the pod at and you can email Rob at   Music in this episode includes: Darren Curtis – Lurking Evil:   " HORROR PIANO MUSIC " composed and produced by "Vivek Abhishek"   Music link : || SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE: || Follow on Facebook: || Follow on Instagram:

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