I Believe In You – Mentoring with Lizelle Hartley

I Believe In You – Mentoring with Lizelle Hartley

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"I Believe In You" is a phrase so many of us don't hear enough. A little belief can go a long way - whether it's a new business venture, your desire for self-improvement or changing a stubborn habit. This podcast is all about helping you set your goals and plan the journey to achieve them. Hosted by business and personal mentor, Lizelle Harley, this series introduces you to inspirational professionals and individuals who have charted their own path in life. Proudly supported by Bendigo Bank Mobile Relationship Managers. Produced by Bad Bard Productions.

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Welcome to Series 3 of the I Believe In You podcast!Over the course of this season, we’ll be talking with seven incredible women who have turned their passion into their career. From roles inspired by their first job to complete course corrections later in life, each of their stories shows that one path does not fit all and that defining our purpose can sometimes be as exciting as living it.In this episode we talk with Dr. Josephine Muir from Noisy Guts – a gut health company focused to improving the lives of those who live with guts issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.So how did Dr. Muir end up working in this field and why is she known as “The Poo Lady”?We’ll leave it to the good Doctor to explain! ___________________________________Find out more about Dr. Muir and Noisy Guts here:https://www.noisyguts.com/ ___________________________________Connect with us!Get in Touch: https://lizellehartley.com.au/Online Group-Mentoring: https://www.lizellehartley.com.au/mentoring-group Free 30-Minute chat: https://calendly.com/smartcollective/30min-get-to-know-youProudly supported by RAH McDonalds GroupProduced by Bad Bard Productions © 2022Stock Music provided by Changoventa via Pond5

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