Kids Bible Stories

Kids Bible Stories

Jessica White

Enjoy these engaging and short Bible stories that help teach young children about Jesus. My hope is that the application section helps connect the dots of how the Bible applies to their lives. The Bible says "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." Romans 10:17. May your children hear the word through this podcast. Simply click play and enjoy listening during car rides, quiet times, school etc. Become a Paid Subscriber and enjoy listening Ad free :

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Exodus 32, Numbers 13 & 14

I respect each families ages &  stage of life so I have adapted some of this. PLEASE go back and read the scripture yourself including what is appropriate for your family. If you’ve missed the Exodus series, I’d highly recommend you go back and listen as they build upon each other. 

Today we get to hear what the people did while Moses was receiving the 10 commandments, hear the spies check out the promised land, and learn how Joshua and Caleb clung to God's promises. We hear them walk by faith and not by sight. We will hear that the unbelieving generation doesn't get to enter the promised land and how it will be their children who will enjoy the land flowing with milk and honey which God promised to them. The kids will apply God's promises to their own lives and think about which promises are easy to see and which are harder to see. The story connects the dots that we can trust God's promises, like Caleb and Joshua did, even when it can be hard.

Thanks for tuning in. We are just about done with our Exodus series and we hope you've enjoyed them. 

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