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On this episode of The Lippert Built to Lead Podcast, Sarah Rice, Corporate and Community Impact Specialist, speaks with Kevin Deary, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County Indiana, about facilities standards. Kevin pulls from his experiences building and renovating spaces for the Boys & Girls Clubs across the county to share his thought process when deciding the aesthetics and the look of a facility. He also talks about how he incorporates input from team members, children and teenagers when designing the space.


“We’re always blown away when kids come in and affirm our thoughts and our dreams as we help them affirm their dreams.” -Kevin Deary [12:55]


What You Will Learn:

  • [00:49] Meet Kevin
  • [01:55] How he got to Elkhart County from Boston
  • [03:13] His thought process renovating spaces
  • [09:25] The spaces devoted for teens
  • [15:53] What the feedback has been from team members
  • [20:28] Advice he would gives to leaders
  • [21:19] Keeping safety in mind and his leadership style



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