Morning Light Meditations

Morning Light Meditations


The first light of day is your chance to connect with your own superpowers, your Source, and decide together what the tone of this day will be. Jennifer Ruth Russell, Creator of Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy is a Spiritual Mentor and an Award-Winning Songwriter. Jennifer helps Lightworkers take back their power around money as a light channel for Mother Mary. What will you get from Morning Light Meditations? •You’ll receive current messages and encouragement from Mother Mary, the Queen of Angels, one of our most powerful and relevant mentors of the Divine Feminine •You’ll experience the Symphony of Light Rays and the Sound of Creation •You’ll bathe in soft music, soothing meditation, and light songs •You’ll steep in reverence and connection with Spirit •You’ll develop a juicy spiritual practice, a love affair •You’ll plant your seeds in the morning to make your day blossom

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I miss my Mom.

In all the jolly and jingle of this season, there is a river of grief flowing through all of us.

Do you feel it?

We try to be valiant and strong.  But we are grieving on many levels.  We can stop up the dam for a while but eventually it must flow and be released.

Today’s meditation gives you permission to sit down and have a good cry.  It will make your Holiday season much brighter.

Singing You Home Mama by Jennifer Ruth Russell is the song used in this meditation.  It’s on her ‘lie down in that grass’ CD collection. You can find most of Jennifer’s music on Spotify or Apple Music

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