NW Faith & Fitness Podcast

NW Faith & Fitness Podcast

Amelia Warden

Hosted by Amelia Warden On this podcast we'll dive into various topics within the realms of fitness and faith: CrossFit, nutrition, community, Jesus and more. Along the way I'll have interesting conversations with admirable people who can share a bit of their stories with us, and give us new insight on a particular topic.  I believe that if you find yourself listening to this podcast on a regular basis, it’s because you are someone who is fascinated by, or wants to learn more about fitness and faith. You’re someone who wants to spend their time investing in their own growth as a coach, athlete, mom, parent, wife, husband, friend or just a human-being.

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Jan Brauer has over 35 years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse and health educator. Jan is encouraging, inspiring, has the best laugh ever, and I was so honored to spend some time talking with her. She has provided us with practical wisdom and Godly guidance. This episode will bless you!

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