Real Survival Stories

Real Survival Stories


True stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary survival situations. Stranded in the desert. Lost in the jungle. Marooned in the mountains. Shipwrecked on the high seas. You'll hear from individuals who had everything against them. But even then, they refused to give in… New episodes Thursdays. Get every episode a week early, as well as ad-free listening, with Noiser+. For more information head to For advertising enquiries, email Hosted by John Hopkins. Production: Joel Duddell, Mac Bexon, Luke Lonergan, Miri Pitman Latham, Rob Plummer, Cian Ryan-Morgan, Cody Reynolds-Shaw. Compositions by Oliver Baines, Dorry Macaulay, Tom Pink.

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In remotest India, one moment of misfortune sees a daring adventure snowball into an epic escape. A group of professional mountaineers set out to ascend Panchachuli V, an unclimbed Himalayan peak. But in whiteout conditions the treacherous, adrenalising descent will nearly cost Stephen Venables his life… A Noiser production, written by Joe Viner. For ad-free listening, bonus material and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+. Click the Noiser+ banner to get started. Or, if you’re on Spotify or Android, go to If you have an amazing survival story of your own that you’d like to put forward for the show, let us know. Drop us an email at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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