Rich Dad Radio Show: In-Your-Face Advice on Investing, Personal Finance, & Starting a Business

Rich Dad Radio Show: In-Your-Face Advice on Investing, Personal Finance, & Starting a Business

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Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick tips and tricks to investing, move on. Listeners dedicated to the craft of finance and a better life, subscribe! New podcasts released weekly!

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Central banks have created a “milkshake” of different currencies and pushed liquidity into the global economy. As of 2016, the US started raising rates while the rest of the world was “mixing” the milkshake. As a result, raising rates acts as a straw that sucks the capital into the United States.  So what is the outlook in the post-coronavirus economy? Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, explains the “Dollar Milkshake Theory,” what impact the strong dollar will have on gold and Bitcoin, and why comparisons of currency strength are all relative. In addition, he explains that a strong dollar is good for the U.S., however, the global economy is not meant to support a strong dollar and could mean we will see a “reset” of currency.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Brent Johnson discuss what assets will perform in 2020 and how you can prepare for the future.  Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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