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Small Business Podcast features audio interviews with experts in various areas of small business and entrepreneurship. Practical knowledge for busy entrepreneurs.

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Every entrepreneur's dream is to create the next big name success story like, or Google. While everyone should dream big, the reality is that most startups fail precisely because they're trying to become the next big name success. The real secret to entrepreneurial success lies in Strategic Entrepreneurism where you design a company specifically to be acquired by a larger one. That's why the founder and CEO of several successful high-tech startup companies, multi-millionaire Jon Fisher, has written down his success principles. Strategic Entrepreneurism shows entrepreneurs how to design their companies towards the path of least resistance, maximum payoff, and lowest risk. Starting a small business and managing that company specifically with the end goal of selling to a large company is something many entrepreneurs think about but rarely make a priority. Our interviewee today, Jon Fisher, believes that doing so offers Founders and their investors the greatest chance of success. In this interview, we discuss how to blend the needs of the company with the needs of their customers and ways entrepreneurs can structure their companies to be better acquisition targets. Take a look at his book here.

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