Social Worker Matters

Social Worker Matters

Dr. Sylvia

Welcome to Social Work Matters with Dr Sylvia Smith, where we explore the realities and celebrate the successes of social work practice, management and education.

A few words from Dr. Sylvia on her background and Social Worker Matters

I began my social work career at 16yrs old when I embarked on my first training course in social care.  I now have over 35yrs of experience in social work; practice, leadership/management and education.Bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and passion to my work and I want to convey these attributes in my Social Worker Matters podcast.

I am passionate about 'reclaiming social work' and will be exploring the realities and celebrating the successes in this profession.  I invite you to join my guests and me for insightful discussions, sharing of professional experiences and much, much wisdom in all things social work. If you're thinking about joining the profession, are newly qualified practitioners or a seasoned professional, this podcast is for you.

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