The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

The Apocalyptic Gospel

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast explores the Gospel as a first-century Jew would have understood it. A conversation about the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, or the Day of the Lord in the first century would have evoked a body of ideas not immediately present with a simple word study of these terms. In this weekly podcast, Bill, John, and Josh mine the Torah, Biblical Prophets, and Second Temple writings for the origin and development of these ideas as we help give context to this first-century Jewish message and encourage disciples of Jesus to boldly proclaim it and patiently wait for the God of Israel to fulfill his covenantal promises.

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In this episode we interview Marc Tuzzolino, founder and leader of the Apocalyptic Accountability Group based in the Chicago area. Marc shares from the heart about his own history and how a season of reworking the Gospel led to deliverance from a life of immorality. Since then, Marc has seen tremendous fruit as he has led other men into fearing God and living a life of obedience and transparency in light of the day of judgment.

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