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The Flat Earth Podcast

Curious J & DITRH

The Flat Earth Podcast is the #1 award winning podcast discussing all things related to the flat stationary earth. Hosted by Dave, Matt & Curious J. Visit us on FB/Twitter and online at

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We live in a world of lies pushed on us by the upper levels of the world controllers. It is easier to lie to someone than to convince them they have been lied to especially when they are unknowingly addicted to the fear. If the FOUNDATION of your world belief is that you are on a spinning water globe pear rocket flying through an infinite space vacuum, then you will not know WHO you are, WHERE you are and WHAT you truly are. You will be lost and feel insignificant not KNOWING that you are at the center of creation rather than on a speck of dust in an ever expanding universe. With that belief they can convince you of anything.To wake up you MUST start with the foundation of your world and from there you can see beyond the imaginary curve. To support this channel and also just have a great time, download the *FLAT EARTH SUN MOON & ZODIAC CLOCK APP* With YouTube’s censorship of truthful flat earth content, the app brings you the latest and best videos while avoiding their propaganda algorithm. Download and check it out today! SHARE it with everyone! Apple Subscribe to Patreon to further support this channel and FLAT EARTH awareness. SHOW LINKS: Probably Alexandra Q and the JFK Jr connection The truth about viruses Eclipse videos Music by Chris Mann Music My Corona Conspiracy Music Guru Corona busting playlist

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