The Gerry Anderson Podcast

The Gerry Anderson Podcast

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Enter the incredible worlds of Gerry Anderson and his incredible shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space:1999, Terrahawks and many more. A weekly podcast hosted by Richard James and Jamie Anderson. News, facts, trivia, competitions and 'The Randomiser' - an episode-by-episode journey through six decades of Gerry Anderson shows!

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Happy birthday to Chris Randomiser Dale! But it's also the Gerry Anderson Podcast pod 103 featuring David Tremont. 1:00 Introductions - including something binary 3:10 FAB Facts - it's a Day of Disaster! 7:04 Emails from the Podsterons and the Anderverse 10:40 Gerry Anderson News(y news news news) 18:12 David Tremont joins us for part one of his chat about all things Thunderbirds and Weta 53:10 More from the Podsterons and some general chitchat 1:00:05 Chris Dale's amazing Gerry Anderson Randomiser... with a special guest. 1:18:10 Wrapping things up. Links Mentioned Gerry Anderson Audiobooks news ( Gerry Anderson Audiobooks ( Thunderbirds books from Joan Marie Verba ( The Tracy Island make competition ( Never Miss An Episode Join the Podsterons Facebook group ( Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts ( Help The Show Join Anderson Insiders ( Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts ( Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts ( Tweet about it! Use the hashtag #GerryAndersonPodcast

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    Mon, 18 May 2020
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