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The You and I Podcast

Ozioma I. and Caronique C.

A lifestyle podcast aiming to create a passionate and thriving community who aspire and inspire in all aspects of life. Every Monday, best friends, Ozi and Caro bring you productivity tips, healthy, and wellness advice, experiences, and stories that can help you on your journey as you live your best life.

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The pandemic had all of us questioning how would life continue knowing that we’re all in lockdown but through this lockdown, we all had some reflection on our life some of us had the change of heart in terms of their job or even majors at school, while some are still unsure and is struggling in finding what they want with their lives.

For today’s podcast, we have Demi she will dive deep into talking about her experience and realization throughout the pandemic. Demi too had encountered a lot of obstacles knowing if the path she’s taking would truly end in her destination, well she’s still finding that out but for now she can say she improved big-time that definitely took her to the right path.

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