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The Property Podcast

Rob Bence and Rob Dix from The Property Hub

The Property Podcast from Property Hub ( is the podcast for all property investors – new or experienced. Rob Bence and Rob Dix discuss a different property topic and property news item each week, passing on their knowledge and experience to the listeners. They both invest in UK Property so they practise what they preach. No hard sell, no bull just straight talking property investment advice!

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This week on The Property Podcast, Rob & Rob are giving you lessons to determine whether you should be sticking with a deal or walking away from it. So, how are they going to do that? Well, they’re going to give you insight to five deals they’ve turned down already this year.  Most property investment deals Rob & Rob look at always look great on the surface (and are potentially ones we’d put forward to our Property Hub Invest clients). But after doing thorough due diligence, they discover issues. Issues that completely block the deal and they end up walking away. The Robs have touched on the many reasons why they’d walk away from a deal in the past, which you can listen to here. But today they’re giving you real examples of why they’ve turned down these deals so far in 2020.     We’ve also got a super positive news story for you this week. ‘Virgin Money relaunches BTL deals up to 80% LTV’ which is amazing to see right now, because not only are Virgin Money confident in bringing their products back to the market, they’re now allowing 80% mortgage products for investors, which is usually unheard of. It just goes to show that Virgin Money is positive about the property market and the way it’s moving forward.    And this week’s Hub Extra is a resource that can help you and your business no matter whether you work from home or in an office. It’s an app called Krisp and it’s a piece of software that detects and silences any background noise.  It’s great if you work in a noisy office or if you work remotely and are working from a busy cafe. Or even if you work from home and you’ve got a builder in, all that noise will be cancelled out and no one will know otherwise.   We’d love to hear what you think of this week’s Property Podcast over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You might even have a topic you’d like us to cover in the future - if so, pop us a message on social and we’ll see what we can do. Make sure you’ve liked and subscribed to our YouTube channel where we upload new content every week!  If that wasn’t enough, you can also join our friendly property community on the Property Hub forum.

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