A Kid's Life Podcast with Angela Lockwood

A Kid's Life Podcast with Angela Lockwood

Angela Lockwood: Occupational Therapist, speaker, author

Through the A Kid's Life podcast Angela Lockwood’s goal is to help us adults better understand the complexities of life as a kids. Angela and her guests share stories, reflections and simple strategies to support kids of all needs as they walk through life. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, direction, guidance, tips or just a laugh, A Kids Life Podcast is the place for you.

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In this episode, Angela interviews a primary school teacher, sports coordinator, and founder of Fit Groms, Celia Mulder. From seeing the challenges teen girls are having with looking after their physical, emotional and social wellbeing Miss Celia shares the important role exercise has in creating positive lifelong habits for girls. Through access to role models outside of the home, to developing a positive self-image and the vital role of a supportive peer group, this is an episode not to be missed.

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