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Finance has traditionally been dominated by men. But now that’s starting to change. We talk to the female entrepreneurs in Africa who are using financial technology to give more people access to money and services - through apps, payment platforms and chatbots. Odunayo Eweniyi is the co-founder of Piggyvest in Nigeria, the first ever online app for personal savings and investment in West Africa. She tells us how she came up with the idea and how she’s using FirstCheck Africa, an angel fund for women entrepreneurs, to help others. Jihan Abass, the founder and CEO of Griffin insurance, Kenya’s first digital-only car insurance company, tells us about her ambitious plans to expand. Ethel Cofie, the boss of Edel Technology Consulting, who’s been named as one of the top 5 women influencing technology in Africa, gives her advice to women starting out in tech. She’s set up a support network, Women in Tech Africa. We also visit a coding bootcamp for young women in Ghana, called Developers in Vogue. Its founder, Ivy Barley, tells us why she set it up and we hear from the students about the difference it’s made to their lives. Presenter and producer: Jo Critcher (Picture: Students at Developers in Vogue coding bootcamp in Ghana; Credit: Developers in Vogue)

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