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Every time we buy food, put fuel in our car, or get an energy bill the cost of living hits us where it hurts - in our pocket. Prices are rising faster than at any time in the last 40 years and that is not predicted to get any better until well into next year. However, does the standard measure of prices rising overall by 9% a year reflect the reality of households? We'll hear from Jill Leyland of the Royal Statistical Society and from Michael Hardie of the Office for National Statistics about this. We'll also speak to families who find themselves unable to afford essential costs. Our reporter Elisabeth Mahy visits Oakham in Rutland to see a beautician with two children, who is finding her money won’t stretch as far as she needs. New data from the market research company NielsenIQ explores how our supermarket shopping habits are changing. And we’ll hear from some online advice groups about what, if anything, we can change to reduce the impact of the cost of living crisis. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Elisabeth Mahy Researchers: Sandra Hardial and Amber Mehmood Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12noon, Saturday 4th June, 2022)

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