Space Nuts

Space Nuts

Professor Fred Watson and Andrew Dunkley

Join Professor Fred Watson, world-renowned Astronomer at Large, and Sci-Fi Author and Broadcaster Andrew Dunkley, on their captivating podcast, Space Nuts. Dive into the vast universe of space, astronomy and astrophysics as they discuss the latest news, exciting space travel adventures, groundbreaking discoveries, and unravel the enduring mysteries of the cosmos. This engaging series offers a unique blend of expert insights and imaginative storytelling and listener input, making it a must-listen for space enthusiasts and science fiction fans alike.

Two episodes a week with news and explainer focused editions published on Thursday's and our Listener Q&A focused edition on Monday's.

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Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this captivating episode of Space Nuts as they explore some of the most intriguing phenomena in space science.First up, zebrafish are making waves in orbit! These tiny aquanauts are part of a Chinese space mission on the Tiangong space station. Discover why zebrafish are ideal candidates for space research and what their genetic similarities to humans could reveal about the effects of zero gravity on biological organisms.Next, delve into the mystery of the cold spot in space, a peculiar anomaly within the cosmic microwave background radiation. Fred explains the significance of this cold spot, its potential causes, and why it challenges our understanding of the universe's isotropy. Could a giant cosmic void be the culprit, or is there another explanation lurking in the cosmos?Additionally, the duo discusses the exciting progress of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory, featuring the world's largest digital camera, which promises to revolutionise our view of the night sky. Learn about its remarkable capabilities and the potential discoveries it could unveil, including the elusive Planet Nine.
00:00:00 This is space nuts, where we talk astronomy and space science
00:01:54 The camera for the Vera C. Rubin telescope telescope has been delivered
00:07:19 Zebrafish on Chinese space station for research into effects of space on fish
00:12:46 Andrew Dunkley: Scientists trying to make aquariums in space self-sustainable
00:15:22 Fred says there's a cold spot in space caused by cosmic microwave background radiation
00:24:00 Cold spots in the cosmic microwave background radiation are not unusual
00:29:27 There's so much going on in the world of space
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