Ask The Tech Guys (Audio)

Ask The Tech Guys (Audio)


Tech experts Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent have the expertise to help you get the most out of your technology. From the latest gadgets to tried-and-true tech tips, tune into Ask The Tech Guys for an informative and fun look at tech. Call in with your live questions from 11 am-2 pm PT every Sunday at Get ready to level up your tech game! Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.

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Leo's Atari 400 arrived recently and demos the device during the show. Can you use an Apple Newton on newer Macs? Why do HP printers get disabled sometimes? How can you make your photos and videos searchable by various defined parameters? Plus, Johnny Jet shares his multi-plane trip to Hawaii and to be aware that the price of applying for Global Entry is going up soon!

  • Leo's Atari 400 arrived and demos the device.
  • Mahbod Moghadam, who rose to fame as the co-founder of Genius, has died.
  • How can I extract audio from my Apple TV from HDMI and put it into an external speaker?
  • What alternatives to Google Podcasts do Leo and Mikah recommend? Plus, can I use my Apple Newton on newer Macs?
  • How can I re-enable my HP printer to print again when HP disabled my printer for failing to pay for HP Instant Ink?
  • Is it worth repairing the screen on my iPad Pro, or am I better off replacing the device?
  • How can I prepare my smartphone and DSLR cameras to capture the upcoming solar eclipse?
  • Why is my Bitwarden browser plugin not logging in?
  • What's the best way to convert DVD and VHS media into a digital format?
  • Johnny Jet and his recent multi-plane journey to Hawaii.
  • How can I make all of my photos & videos in Google Drive searchable by various set parameters?

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent

Guest: Johnny Jet

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