Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast

Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast

Tony Hancock

The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society brings you the only official podcast of the lad himself. Martin, Tim, Jon & James break down each episode in watch-a-long style, punctuated with facts about the filming or recording and side stories of the actors. We also bring you all the news from the society including information on upcoming events and information regarding previously un-discovered material. To join the T.H.A.S visit To get in touch contact us on

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In this episode, Tim, Jon, Martin and James continue their review of the brilliant radio episode A Sunday Afternoon at Home.  After discussion on Sykes, outtakes, fluffs and the various Doctors Who. The gang resume the main subject and look at how the cast really brought the words on the page to life with the different vocal styles and tones used throughout the episode and consider the episode to be a masterclass in acting and writing. They also look at how the brilliant Galton and Simpson  played back real events in Hancock's life with superb comic effect, consider Kenneth Williams' portrayal of Clark as his greatest characterisation in the series and discuss Hattie Jacques' significant contribution to the episode. The team suggest that they may quite like this episode by giving it a score of 11 out of 10 but Kevin McNally, who joins us once again to discuss his views on the episode, surpassed us all by scoring it 10 out of 4! Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe to the podcast. And, if you haven’t  done so already, why not join the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society - full details of how to join are at This is the last episode in the series but we’ll be back in in the Autumn when we will start series 4 with a look at the great television episode Lord Byron Lived Here- hope to see you then!

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