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Exploring the coolest and most incredible stuff in science, from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to a future where humans live in space! Fun Kids Science Weekly is hosted by Dan and is the perfect science podcast for kids and families everywhere.

Each week, you'll find episodes from series like Deep Space High, Age of the Dinosaurs and Professor Hallux. There's also a special guest, top experts answering all your science questions and Dangerous Dan - something scientific that’s also a little bit deadly!

If you like this, you can listen to Dan on Fun Kids Radio (weekdays from 1pm) on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on the free Fun Kids app and online at

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Anne Wignall joins Dan for this week's Science Weekly podcast talking about the history and importants of the assassin bug and how it uses taps to calm its prey. We catch up with Sidney McSprockett who's teaching us about great british scientists, this week its Babbage, Lovelace and Berners Lee. In Karina's Chemistry we find out about how we can help save the environment. Plus in Science in the News, Dan talks about a new small but mighty satellite that spots deforestation! See for privacy information.

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