Scary | A Paranormal Podcast

Scary | A Paranormal Podcast

Real-Life Paranormal Stories

Scary | A Paranormal Podcast: Enter the realm of the unexplained and the supernatural. Join Will each week for a gripping journey through authentic tales of the paranormal. Dive into chilling narratives of ghost encounters, haunted locations, and eerie phenomena. Experience the thrill of exploring the unknown through spine-tingling stories and encounters with the otherworldly. This podcast is your gateway to a world of mysterious and hair-raising paranormal experiences.

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Patreon Exclusive - In this episode, I narrate Saoirse's experience from June 2017 when she rented a cabin in a serene location for some solo relaxation. However, she soon realizes she's not as isolated as she thought.

Thank you to Saoirse for sharing her paranormal experience. 

If you have a paranormal or supernatural encounter you would like me to narrate on the show, please send your experience to

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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