Ukraine: The Latest

Ukraine: The Latest

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Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has dominated world news since tanks, jets and troops first crossed Ukraine's borders in February 2022. Every weekday, the Telegraph's top journalists analyse the conflict from all angles.

The team brings you updates on the war and is the most listened to, and award-winning, podcast on the conflict. The team considers military strategy, history, economics, the refugee crisis, Ukrainian culture, and daily life in Vladimir Putin's autocratic Russia and Volodymyr Zelensky's democratic Ukraine.

On Ukraine: The Latest, the pre-eminent podcast for Ukraine updates, our correspondents on the ground talk to experts and civilians to cover every aspect of Russia's brutal invasion.

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In the first of The Telegraph's special podcasts on the war in Ukraine. Presenter David Knowles and Producer Adélie Pojzman-Pontay travel to Bucha and Hostomel, north of Kyiv, to hear the stories of citizens who survived Russia's brutal occupation in Spring 2022. 

In Hostomel they meet Roman, a young Ukrainian man who fled his new apartment as Russian forces advanced. When he returned after the liberation he discovered the disgusting ways the occupying troops had treated his home.

Then, they travel to Bucha to see an old friend, Ihor Savchenko. Two years on from the occupation of Bucha, Ihor is helping his community piece their lives back together even though the war threatens to engulf him once again. 

We first met Ihor's daughter Katya in 2022 - listen to that episode here:

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Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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