Ukraine: The Latest

Ukraine: The Latest

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Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has dominated world news since tanks, jets and troops first crossed Ukraine's borders in February 2022. Every weekday, the Telegraph's top journalists analyse the conflict from all angles.

The team brings you updates on the war in Ukraine and is the most listened to Ukraine war podcast. The team considers military strategy, history, economics, the refugee crisis, Ukrainian culture, and daily life in Vladimir Putin's autocratic Russia and Volodymyr Zelensky's democratic Ukraine.

On 'Ukraine: The Latest', the pre-eminent podcast for Ukraine updates, our correspondents on the ground talk to experts and civilians to cover every aspect of Russia's brutal invasion.

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Day 775.

Today, we bring you the latest news from Ukraine as Russian strikes on energy infrastructure find their targets, we analyse Ukraine's campaign against Russian oil refineries, and we update on the UK's diplomatic efforts in the United States


David Knowles (Head of Audio Development). @DJKnowles on X.

Francis Dearnley (Assistant Comment Editor). @Francis Dearnley on X.

Tony Diver (US Editor). @Tony_Diver on X.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon (Director of Doctors Under Fire). @HamishDBG on X

Melissa Lawford (Economics Reporter). @MelissaLawford on X.

Articles Referenced:

'US needs Europe to stand up to Russia and China threat, says Nato deputy' (The Telegraph)

'The War Is Not Going Well for Ukraine' (Eliot A. Cohen in The Atlantic) 

'Taras Chmut: Mobilization should take place from the age of 20. We wasted too much time' (Pravda):

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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