Full Disclosure with James O'Brien

Full Disclosure with James O'Brien


Award-winning LBC presenter and best-selling author James O’Brien hosts a series of compelling conversations with fascinating people. These are revealing interviews with people who rarely give in-depth interviews, be it from politics, entertainment or news. Subscribe to get a new episode every Monday.

Radio: LBC

Categories: News & Politics

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Conspiracy theories are swirling around like never before – tormenting mistrust, infecting our politics, and even tearing families apart. But Brit Award-winning comedian Jolyon Rubinstein and investigative journalist James Ball are here to save the day. Or at least try.

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    Mon, 19 Apr 2021
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    Thu, 15 Apr 2021
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    Thu, 25 Mar 2021
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    Fri, 19 Mar 2021
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    Thu, 11 Mar 2021
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