Iain Dale’s Book Club

Iain Dale’s Book Club


If you’re a reader, this is the podcast for you. Iain Dale speaks to some of the world’s biggest authors about what inspired them to write their books

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Thank you for being such a loyal listener to The Book Club Podcast. You'll notice that we haven't added any new episodes recently. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Iain is not broadcasting from the LBC studios until it's over. Whilst new interviews could be recorded over Skype, the quality would suffer and Iain much prefers to be face to face with his interviewees and see the whites of their eyes! As a result, this podcast will be paused for the foreseeable future. If you've subscribed, you'll automatically get new episodes the moment they're available; hopefully in the early summer. In the meantime, do listen to the "For The Many" podcast and "Iain Dale: All Talk". You can also hear Iain live on LBC, Monday - Thursday 7-10pm.

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