Classic Ghost Stories

Classic Ghost Stories

Tony Walker

A weekly podcast that reads out ghost stories, horror stories, and weird tales every week. Classic stories from the pens of the masters Occasionally, we feature living authors, but the majority are dead. Some perhaps are undead. We go from cosy Edwardian ghost stories (E. F. Benson, Walter De La Mare) to Victorian supernatural mysteries (M. R. James, Elizabeth Gaskell, Bram Stoker, and Charles Dickens) to 20th-century Weird Tales (Robert Aickman, Fritz Lieber, Clark Ashton-Smith, and H. P. Lovecraft) and wander from the Gothic to the Odd, even to the Literary, and then back again. Each episode is followed by Tony's take on the story, which can ramble on to discuss the weather, books, his dogs, what Sheila is foraging, and what he thinks of hauntology. Perfect to fall asleep to, and perfectly optional if you only want the tale itself. Get exclusive members episodes on Patreon:

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Hugh and Margaret Grainger rent a lovely old house near a golf course. At the bottom of the garden is a mysterious, well-kept thatched cottage that appears unoccupied.  However, a visitor senses a strange presence within and occasionally sees lights or figures inside. Margaret, fascinated with communicating via planchette, starts receiving odd messages from an entity calling himself "the gardener."  He announces a desire to enter the main house, catapulting the Graingers into disturbing events.  The empty cottage is not so empty after all, and the gardener's unseen presence brings terror to the once-idyllic home.  Through the planchette, Margaret has unlocked a portal between worlds, allowing a malevolent spirit access into the realm of the living. Now the Graingers must confront the implications of meddling with forces beyond their understanding. I was sent the anthology The Dead of Winter By profile books. The Gardener by E F Benson is one of ten classic winter ghost stories in that anthology edited by Cecily Gayford.  Thanks to Profile Books for the copy they sent me.

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    Fri, 03 Nov 2023
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