It's All Kicking Off!

It's All Kicking Off!

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‘It’s All Kicking Off’ is Mail Sport's unmissable football podcast, that promises a different take on Premier League football. Co-presented by former Premier League winner Chris Sutton and Mail Sport football editor Ian Ladyman, it offers a powerful insight into the big football talking points, as well as welcoming guests from the Premier League and Mail Sport’s stable of elite football journalists. Wherever you get your podcasts, each and every Monday & Thursday. Presenters: Ian Ladyman and Chris Sutton Producer: Henry Williams Production Manager: Vittoria Cecchini Executive Producer: Jamie East

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Welcome back to 'It's All Kicking Off: Euros Daily' There are several things in the English language which simply roll off the tongue: bacon and eggs, dog and bone, fish and chips... Chris and Ian. Yes that's right, the likely lads are reunited for this edition, as the inquest into England's draw v Denmark continues. Why Declan Rice does evade criticism? What are the other countries doing which England aren't? What has happened to Chris' calf?! All essential questions and all answered in this episode... Presenters: Ian Ladyman and Chris Sutton Producer: Henry Williams Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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