Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us

Derek Hayes | QCODE

An anthology of true paranormal stories told by the witnesses themselves. Monsters Among Us is a collection of first-hand audio recordings made directly from experiencers of the paranormal. Enter host Derek Hayes' atmosphere and nostalgia rich world, as he curates these terrifying tales, offering deep dives into supernatural subjects ranging from ghosts, UFOs, and alien abductions, to bigfoot, sasquatch and other cryptid creatures.

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Tonight brings you tales of unsettling hauntings, doppelgangers, mysterious UFO sightings and much more. Keep it spooky and enjoy.  Season 17 Episode 9 of Monsters Among Us Podcast, true paranormal stories of ghosts, cryptids, UFOs and more, told by the witnesses themselves. SHOW NOTES: Tonight's Sponsor - Green Chef - Green Chef is the #1 meal kit for eating well. Go to and use code monsters50 to get 50% off, plus 20% off your next two months. Tonight's Sponsor - Rocket Money - Stop wasting money on things you don’t use. Cancel your unwanted subscriptions by going to Tonight's Sponsor - Better Help - Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. 10% off with code MONSTERSAMONGUS For ad-free, extended & bonus episodes, support MAU on Patreon - MAU Merch Shop - RENT or BUY Shadows in the Desert: High Strangeness in the Borrego Triangle - My Joshua Tree UFO Video - My Joshua Tree UFO sighting zoomed in still photo - Kenneth Arnold UFO Experience - Glacier National Park UFO Account - Aliens Among Us - Airplane Freakout Truth - Power Station Explosion - Dover Demon - NYC Blackout 1977 - Boston Blackout 1977 - Strange Message on TV - Music from tonight's episode: Music by Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse - Music by White Bat Audio - White Bat Audio Songs: Floating Tenebrae The Witness Holy Spirit The Heist Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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    Thu, 23 May 2024
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