SLE Radio One live
SLE Radio One
John Gallen - Je M'en Fous

Je M'en Fous

John Gallen 23 hours ago
San Sebastian - Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

San Sebastian 23 hours ago
Helen Counts - The Silence

The Silence

Helen Counts 23 hours ago
Shambolics - Take It or Leave It

Take It or Leave It

Shambolics 23 hours ago
Pk Project - Chikki Ooh

Chikki Ooh

Pk Project 23 hours ago
Rani Bober - I'm a Shadow

I'm a Shadow

Rani Bober 23 hours ago
Wild Horse - Do You Wanna Talk

Do You Wanna Talk

Wild Horse 23 hours ago
Silent Villain - Shameless Love

Shameless Love

Silent Villain 23 hours ago
Nolan Klutzke - Brighter Days

Brighter Days

Nolan Klutzke 23 hours ago
Vernons Future - Honeysuckle Love

Honeysuckle Love

Vernons Future 23 hours ago
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SLE Radio One live

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Categories:  Alternative Rock, Eclectic, Electronic

Frequencies SLE Radio One

Newport: Online

Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. San Sebastian - Hear Me Out

2. Room 111 - Limitless

3. Cairo Knife Fight - The Violence of Action

4. FreqGen - Future 1991 (Freqgen Vip)

5. The Uptown Crew - Burning For Your Love (feat. Terry)

6. Dipha Barus - DOWN

7. Kosca - On My Mind (Radio Mix)

8. Ragno - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Radio Edit)

9. Rob Martini - Wishful Thinking

10. Warren Allen Brooks - Only You (Remastered 2024)

Last 30 days:

1. Ivan Meli - MAI MAI MAI

2. Ivan Meli - TRE

3. San Sebastian - Hear Me Out

4. Dipha Barus - DOWN

5. FreqGen - Future 1991 (Freqgen Vip)

6. E-Turn - Let's Ride

7. Krohme - Gdp (feat. T-mo Goodie, MONEY MOGLY & Blind Orbits)

8. TopBoss - Cherry Blossom Splash

9. Keith Mac - Disco Is the Music (Dance Mix)

10. M Doc Diego - On the Grind (feat. Jfliz)



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